Artificial Intelligence and Prompt Design are Future-proofing Professions.

According to an analysis, 85% of the professions that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented, while 51% of companies today are already investing in AI. 

This means that in the coming years the relationship between companies and consumers will increasingly revolve around new Artificial Intelligence technologies. They can be generative, predictive, or conversational models.

Professions of the future: new opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

In the context of an ever-changing market, Artificial Intelligence is opening new doors for the professions of the future. The fact that 51% of companies are already investing in this technology shows a growing demand for specialised AI professionals, such as Prompt Designers

According to a study, it is estimated that by 2030, 85% of professions that do not yet exist will be related to Artificial Intelligence

This trend indicates that the relationship between companies and consumers will increasingly revolve around AI technologies, such as models used for generative, predictive or conversational Artificial Intelligence. Emerging professions include: 

  • Conversation Designer; 
  • Prompt Designer;
  • Artificial Intelligence Ethicist;
  • Data Labelling Specialist;
  • Cultivator of the Future. 

To cope with these new opportunities in the world of work, it will be crucial for humans to acquire transversal skills that combine technical knowledge specific to Artificial Intelligence with an understanding of language patterns and ethics. 

Universities and companies will have to work together to provide advanced training on these topics and prepare the professionals of the future to meet the challenges of an increasingly AI-dominated world.

The key role of Artificial Intelligence professionals in the conversation market

In the conversation market, Artificial Intelligence professionals, such as the Prompt Designer, play a key role in guiding the interaction between companies and consumers. The figure of the Conversation Designer is crucial in designing an optimal user experience through chatbots and other forms of automated communication. 

These professionals combine copywriting and UX Design skills to create conversation flows that respond to users’ questions and curiosity. 

Another relevant figure is the Prompt Designer, who specialises in training generative AI models to produce the desired results. These experts know AI technologies and understand the dynamics of human language, enabling them to instruct models in the production of coherent and relevant text. 

With the expertise of Artificial Intelligence Ethicists, the business world can address the ethical challenges of using AI in conversations. For this reason, it will be possible to avoide bias and analyse the impact of technologies on consumer interactions. 

In conclusion, the conversational market requires professionals highly skilled in using Artificial Intelligence to create engaging and effective experiences.

Skills needed for the world of work of the future in the age of Artificial Intelligence

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the skills needed for the workplace of the future are constantly evolving. Professionals of the future will need to possess a transversal skill set that integrates a technical background with a deep awareness of the specificities of Artificial Intelligence

Consequently, an understanding of language models and knowledge of ethical issues related to the impact of AI will be essential. Also, It will be essential to acquire skills in user experience design (UX Design) and copywriting, in order to create effective and engaging conversation flows for users.

Another crucial skill will be knowledge of generative Artificial Intelligence technologies and the dynamics of human language, so that models can be trained to produce the desired results. 

Understanding moral principles and analysing ethical impacts will be, in conclusion, necessary skills to address the challenges of using AI in conversations. The workplace in a future of Artificial Intelligence will require a combination of technical, linguistic and ethical skills to create meaningful and responsible interactions with users.



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