Fitness 4.0 is the new frontier of training, where technology revolutionises the way we keep fit. Thanks to digital innovations, such as the Bio-Electrical Fitness system from Urban Fitness, we can achieve better results in less time. Let’s find out how the integration of technology is transforming the world of fitness.

Fitness Revolution: Training more efficiently thanks to technology

The Fitness 4.0 revolution is leading to more efficient and personalised training through the integration of technology. With the help of digital innovations, such as the Bio-Electrical Fitness system from Urban Fitness, we can achieve better results in less time. This equipment uses a suit equipped with an EMS system to enhance the body’s electrical stimuli, allowing the same effects as two hours of classic training to be achieved in just 20 minutes. The equipment is able to measure and record physiological data and the body’s main parameters during motor activity in real time, thus enabling a totally customised training session. In addition to the benefits of electrical stimulation of the muscle strips, which are activated and continue to work even after the workout, this technology has made enormous strides in assessing the percentage of water contained in the muscles and thus customising the quantity and duration of the impulses. Fitness 4.0 is truly transforming the way we train, offering innovative solutions to increase our physical performance.

Innovation in the fitness world: the Bio-Electrical Fitness system from Urban Fitness

The Bio-Electrical Fitness system from Urban Fitness represents a revolutionary innovation in the fitness world. Thanks to this advanced technology, exceptional training results can be achieved faster and more efficiently.
The Symbiont Tech Suit, equipped with an EMS system for enhancing the body’s electrical stimuli, allows you to achieve the same results as two hours of traditional training in just 20 minutes. With Urban Fitness and the Bio-Electrical Fitness system, the future of training is here. It is full of extraordinary possibilities for improving physical performance.

The future of training: Fitness 4.0 and the integration of technology

The future of training is looking even more exciting thanks to the integration of technology in Fitness 4.0. With the advent of new digital innovations, the training experience is adapting to us and becoming more personalised and engaging.

Thanks to virtual fitness apps such as:

  • Virtuagym, and
  • GymMaster, 

you can have a virtual personal trainer right in your own home, offering targeted individual and group training. These applications allow you to follow specific programmes, monitor your progress and receive personalised advice to achieve your desired goals. Furthermore, with augmented reality virtual fitness activities such as, the possibility of immersive experiences is at your fingertips. As a first-person descent of the world’s toughest downhill ski slope, or playing football on a real Champions League pitch. The implementation of technology in the world of fitness opens the door to endless possibilities for exercising in a way that is as fun as it is effective. Fitness 4.0 represents a leap forward into a new era of training. In this era, technology is a valuable ally in achieving extraordinary results and improving physical performance.



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