Technology can do so much for mankind that in recent times a new expression has emerged to denote this concept, Tech for Good. The World Economic Forum 2020 has dedicated one of its themes to this topic. Let us therefore see what the main action areas of tech for good are, and analyse some examples of its application: 

  • health and longevity, 
  • robots to treat autism, 
  • perinatal stroke technology, 
  • digital manufacturing for Alzheimer’s patients,
  • wearables to monitor health.

Technological innovation revolutionising health and longevity

Technology is revolutionising the field of health and longevity, bringing numerous benefits to individuals. For example, robots have been developed to treat autism, helping children in communication and social learning.

In addition, technology has proven to be very useful in the treatment of perinatal stroke, allowing early diagnosis and intervention to reduce possible adverse consequences. 

Another field in which technological innovation has made significant improvements is digital manufacturing for Alzheimer’s patients. Thanks to 3D printing and the use of biocompatible materials, it is possible to create customised prosthetics that improve patients’ quality of life. 

Wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers have also become valuable tools for monitoring people’s health. Such devices allow to collect data on physical activity, sleep and other vital parameters, providing useful information for both individuals and healthcare professionals.

How technology can improve people’s quality of life

Technology can improve people’s quality of life in many ways. 

  • The introduction of wearable devices has enabled people to continuously monitor their well-being in real time. These devices can collect data on physical activity, sleep and other vital parameters, providing useful information for both individuals and healthcare professionals. With such information, people can take better care of their health and prevent possible problems.
  • In addition, technology has made the automation of many daily activities possible, making people’s lives easier. For instance, thanks to virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri, it is possible to control household appliances through voice commands or manage one’s daily activities more efficiently. Similarly, the advent of home automation has made it possible to create smart homes that offer optimised comfort and safety.
  • Technology has also been applied in the public and private transport sector. Ride-sharing apps such as Uber or BlaBlaCar have made it easier and more convenient to get from one place to another. Moreover, autonomous vehicles promise to make mobility safer and more efficient in the near future.

In short, technology is playing a key role in the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life through automation of daily activities, health monitoring and optimisation of transport.

Tech for good: the positive impact of technology on society

The positive impact of technology on society is evident in many areas. 

  • For example, it can help reduce pollution and improve citizens’ quality of life through the smart city concept. By intelligently managing energy resources and promoting energy efficiency, smart cities can reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. 
  • Furthermore, smart mobility offers a seamless, flexible, integrated, safe, on-demand and convenient mobility experience. This allows people to travel easily and sustainably within cities, reducing the use of private vehicles and the emission of greenhouse gases. 
  • Another important aspect is the circular economy, a business model that aims to reduce waste and promote the reuse of resources. This approach can generate significant economic and environmental benefits for society as a whole. 
  • Finally, technology can also help in the conservation of biodiversity, for example by using drones to monitor natural parks and identify illegal activities such as fishing or poaching.



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