Italian villages are important for the country’s history and cultural identity, but they are experiencing a reduction in population that threatens their survival. The government has launched the ‘Borghi del futuro’ project as part of the Italy 2025 – Strategy for the Technological Innovation and Digitalisation of the Country plan, which aims to transform ten Italian villages into villages of the future.

Italian villages towards digital innovation: the ‘Borghi del futuro’ project

The ‘Borghi del futuro’ project represents an important step in the transformation of Italy’s characteristic hamlets towards digital innovation. Included in the Italy 2025 – Strategy for the Technological Innovation and Digitalisation of the Country project, this scheme aims to select ten Italian villages in which to concentrate all available cutting-edge technologies in order to create living experimental laboratories. The objective is to:

  • digitise public administration, 
  • test the impact of innovation on society, 
  • enhance the tourism potential of these places. 

Thanks to this initiative, the villages involved will have the opportunity to rediscover their historical and cultural identity through the use of new technologies. It is expected that this transformation will not only attract new residents and talent, but also give a new impetus to the local economy, creating job opportunities in the digital technology sector. The plan set in motion thus represents a concrete hope for the future of Italian villages, enabling them to preserve their identity and tradition as they move towards an increasingly innovative and connected future.

The Smart Village: Italian villages focusing on technology

Many Italian villages have decided to embrace digital innovation, transforming themselves into true Smart Villages of the future. These local communities are taking full advantage of the potential offered by technology to improve their citizens’ quality of life and promote sustainable development

  • One example is Matera, which has implemented several digital solutions to assist the management of public services, such as waste sorting through the use of smart sensors. 
  • Santa Fiora, on the other hand, has focused on renewable energy, becoming a benchmark for the efficient use of solar energy. 
  • The villages of the Cilento region have also been the protagonists of an important digitisation process: thanks to the use of innovative technologies, they have been able to improve the efficiency of water systems and reduce water waste. 
  • Finally, Sepino and Sellia focused on connectivity and the creation of digital spaces to foster social inclusion and promote digital tourism

Thanks to these initiatives, Italian villages are demonstrating how the adoption of digital technologies can represent a real opportunity for their future.

Digital technologies for the rebirth of Italian villages

The digitalisation of the selected locations is not only limited to the transformation into Smart Villages, but also involves many other facets of everyday life.

  • Digital technologies are in fact revolutionising agriculture, making it more efficient and sustainable. Using sensors and drones, it is possible to constantly monitor the soil and crops, optimising the use of water and fertilisers. High-speed internet connections allow farmers to access information and data in real time, improving operational decisions and increasing productivity. 
  • Besides agriculture, digital technologies are also contributing to the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Italian villages. Thanks to virtual and augmented reality, it is possible to relive historical events and visit ancient monuments. This not only enriches the tourist experience, but also preserves the historical memory of local communities. 

In short, digital technologies are playing a key role in the renaissance of Italian villages, enabling them to cope with the changes of the modern world without losing their historical and cultural identity.



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