Digital marketing offers many opportunities, but 49 percent of organisations do not have a clear strategy. To create an effective one, you need to define the goals of your ROI (Return on Investment) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and explain your investment in detail.

To develop an effective digital marketing strategy, it is important to:

  • invest in a clear and specific way
  • conduct thorough research
  • create a customer journey
  • customise the digital marketing mix
  • request quotes 
  • define everything using a work management tool. 

Also, if you are working with agencies, it is important to improve collaboration between teams.

What does a digital marketing strategy consist of? 

A digital marketing strategy consists of planning and implementing a set of targeted actions using digital channels to promote a company or product. This strategy may include activities such as:

  • content creation
  • social media management
  • online advertising
  • email marketing 

and much more. The main goal of an online marketing strategy is to reach and engage its target audience, increase brand visibility and generate conversions. To develop a successful strategy, it is important to clearly define business goals, identify target audiences, and understand their online needs and behaviours. In addition, you must analyse the available data to evaluate the performance of marketing activities and make any improvements. An effective digital marketing strategy also requires using the right tools to manage campaigns, monitor results and optimise performance.

The importance of a clear and defined digital marketing strategy

The importance of a clear and defined online marketing campaign is critical to the success of online promotional activities. Well-defined planning provides clear direction and a specific goal to be achieved, allowing companies to focus on desired outcomes. In addition, a clear strategy helps avoid internal and external confusion by ensuring that all team members are aligned and working toward the same goals.

A defined digital marketing campaign also makes it possible to optimise the use of available financial and human resources. Through careful planning, the most effective actions can be identified and the available budget can be allocated in a targeted manner. This means avoiding waste and maximising ROI.

In addition, a clear design makes it easy to measure achievements. By setting specific ROI goals and KPIs, you can continuously monitor the performance of online marketing activities and make any necessary changes or improvements.

Finally, another crucial reason for having a clear marketing strategy is the resulting ability to adapt quickly to market changes. By being aware of consumer trends and preferences, you can update your strategy in real time to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The basic steps to develop a digital marketing strategy in 12 days

To develop a digital marketing campaign in just 12 days, it is essential to follow some basic steps. First, it is important to clearly define the goals you want to achieve during this period. These should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).

Next, you need to conduct thorough research to better understand your target market, competitors and potential customers. This will allow you to identify market opportunities and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Once these preliminary steps have been completed, the creation of the customer journey can proceed. This involves defining the different stages a user will go through in the buying process to figure out how to effectively engage them. You can use tools such as sales funnels or user experience maps to help you design this path.

Finally, specific actions to be taken during the 12 days need to be planned and implemented. This could include activities such as:

  • website optimisation
  • the creation and execution of online advertising campaigns
  • the use of social media to interact with target audiences

Throughout the process, it is critical to regularly monitor the performance of activities and make any necessary adjustments or optimisations to maximise the results achieved before the deadline.

How to customise your digital marketing mix to maximise results

To maximise the results of your strategy, it is critical to tailor your digital marketing mix to your goals and to the characteristics of your target audience.

First, you must identify the most appropriate communication channels to reach your target audience. For example, if you are trying to reach a younger age group, you might focus on social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

Second, you must create relevant and engaging content that resonates with your audience. This could include blog articles, video tutorials, infographics or social media posts. Remember to adapt the tone and style of your content according to the preferences of your audience.

In addition, it is important to use analytical tools to monitor the performance of your digital marketing activities. This will allow you to identify what is working and what isn’t, so that you can make any necessary changes to improve results.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of automation in digital marketing. By using email marketing automation tools or social media management, you can save valuable time and ensure consistent and timely communication with your audience.

Customising your digital marketing mix will help you maximise the results you get from your digital marketing campaign and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Essential tools for managing and analysing marketing activities

Digital marketing tools are critical to the management and analysis of online marketing activities.

An indispensable tool is a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to easily create and manage content on your website, blog or social media platforms.

In addition, analytics platforms such as Google Analytics provide valuable data on your website’s performance, allowing you to track traffic, conversions and other important metrics.

Regarding email marketing, email automation is a vital tool for sending personalised messages to your customers automatically. This saves you time and ensures effective communication with your audience.

As mentioned earlier, social media management is crucial in online marketing. Tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer allow you to schedule posts on various social media channels while maintaining a consistent and organised presence.By using these essential tools for managing and analysing digital marketing activities, you will be able to optimise your strategies and achieve effective and efficient results.



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