It is clear, at this point, how marketing is basic for every company, especially if used with AI. Thanks to internet, social media and smartphone, there are really no limits to how many people a company can reach, to how many datas they can analyze to evaluate the effectiveness of their methods, to the speed at which they can adapt to the ever changing customer’s preferences.
This is a new kind of marketing, that integrates old and new strategies and technologies, and that requires a deep understanding of users’ wishes and needs, to keep up with the market changes.

How is AI revolutionizing Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has and will continue to change the way we do marketing. Thanks to this technology, one can gather and analyze an enormous amount of datas in a quick and effective way, less prone to human error. By Under what consumers want, one can create more effective and targeted marketing strategies. Even if there are still just a few companies that actually use AI for marketing, is clear that it’s impact will keep growing, and that it will automate and completely change business processes.

Pros and Cons

AI is revolutionizing marketing and, by doing so, it offers significant benefits but also, as usual, challenges to overcome. Customization, precise targeting, gathering and analyses of datas, processes’automation and informations’integrations are just a few of the countless advantages of using AI.
However, the concern for privacy and data security is always present. Furthermore, the absence of empathy in interactions between brands and consumers can damage the brand’s reputation and the level of consumer experience. It is, therefore, crucial to balance the effectiveness of AI with the human level of interaction between company and customers.

How to maximize benefits

Making the most of the advantages of AI in marketing means finding a balance between automation and human interaction, between computer and person, between analysis and synthesis. AI, if combined with human supervision, can guarantee precise, trustworthy and adaptive outcomes. It is, definitely, a powerful and growing instrument to improve marketing strategies, that should be used with awareness and responsibility.



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