Vocal User interfaces (VUI) are emerging as a promising new way to interact with technology. We know quite a bit about how our world, the digital world, is constantly evolving.
VUIs allow to communicate with various devices using our voice instead of text or touch commands, and they are revolutionizing the day-to-day experience of interacting with technologies that surround us.

What are vocal user interfaces?

Vui are like digital assistants to which we can ask to do some actions for us, simply by speaking. They do, indeed, understand natural language and can be integrated in devices such as smartphones, speaker and even appliances, for a seamless and simple user experience.

VUIs’ applications in day-to-day life

The VUIs’ range of applications is large and constantly evolving. They help us manage our everyday activities, like by setting alarms or writing lists, check the weather, play music, control our homes’ lights or starting the washing machine. we forecast that in the future, they will have even more complex jobs: they will be assistant for C-level executives, they will help people with disabilities managing their health and their everyday life, they will provide interactive and accessible learning experiences, they will be personal trainers thanks to their integration in wearable devices and app, they will drive autonomous vehicles, and much more.

Advantages and challenges of vocal user interfaces

Their ease of use and their accessibility our the main advantages when speaking of VUI. As usual, we will need to keep an eye on topics like privacy and data protection, as much as to safe design and reliable functionality. With the right amount of research, the future of VUI looks exciting: these technologies will become smarter and will bring even more confort and efficiency in are day to day life.

A big Opportunity

VUI, therefore, represent a unique and exciting opportunity that promises to simplify and improve our relationship with technology. A user-centered approach will be necessary to develop tools that have a real positive impact on our lives and that become an increasingly integrated part of our daily routine. We are just at the beginning of this journey to a future guided by our voice, and the possibilities seem endless.



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